SIGINT -- POSIX signal

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SIGINT -- POSIX signal 

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참고 :

SIGINT  --> POSIX signal 이다. POSIX 표준에 명시된 signal 중 하나이다.

여기서 signal 이란 Unix, Unix-like, 그외 POSIX 호환 운영체제에서 사용되는 inter-process communication 의 한 형태이다.

Signals are a limited form of inter-process communication used in Unix, Unix-like, and other POSIX-compliant operating systems. A signal is an asynchronous notification sent to a process or to a specific thread within the same process in order to notify it of an event that occurred. Signals have been around since the 1970s Bell Labs Unix and have been more recently specified in the POSIX standard.

SIGINT signal --> process 를 interrupt 하기위해 보내는 신호.

The SIGINT signal is sent to a process by its controlling terminal when a user wishes to interrupt the process. This is typically initiated by pressing Ctrl-C, but on some systems, the "delete" character or "break" key can be used.

Ctrl-C 를 누름으로  INT signal (SIGINT) 을 보낸다. 특별히 처리하지 않으면 기본으로 process 종료 시킨다.

Ctrl-C (in older Unixes, DEL) sends an INT signal (SIGINT); by default, this causes the process to terminate.

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