mssql -- 소수점이하 정확한 값은 decimal 사용하라.

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The decimal data type stores an exact representation of the number; there is no approximation of the stored value.

--> decimal 은 정확한 값을 저장함. 근사값 아님.

 numeric is functionally equivalent to the decimal data type.

--> numeric 은 decimal 과 기능적으로 동일함.

Use the decimal data type to store numbers with decimals when the data values must be stored exactly as specified.

-->소수점이하 정확한 값을 저장할때는 decimal 사용하라.

The float and real data types are known as approximate data types

--> float, real 은 근사값이다.

Avoid using float or real columns in WHERE clause search conditions, especially the = and <> operators. It is best to limit float and real columns to > or < comparisons.

--> 값을 비교할때는 float, real 사용하지 마라!

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** decimal data type

decimal [ (p[ ,s] )] 

123.45   ==>  precision = 5,  scale = 2

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